Essential Tips for Long Term Storage 

Getting your stuff ready for storage unit is simple and easy: this is what most people think and most of them got disappointed.  


If you are a person who takes maximum effort in making sure that your belongings and items are placed in an organized and proper way, then preparation and planning need to be more than just putting the items in the boxes, putting some tape on, and tossing them in the storage unit. Well, this is what most people and clients do, according to some companies and services like White Plains self-storage when we had an interview. However, according to the experts, the materials you use for packing are an essential element in your planning and packing too.  



So, in this article, we will be sharing with you the essential packing supplies that you need to have as you all know that is it not enough to wrap your items with only plastic: 


Boxes – this is the best and number one packing supply. When storing, you need to have a lot of good quality and durable moving boxes. These boxes come in different shapes and sizes as well as quality so choose those that are appropriate for your items and storage preference. Also, you need to know that there are standard boxes for certain items like T.V box which is cost-effective. You also need to consider boxes that are not too heavy so you will be able to lift them with ease.  


Labeling Materials – labeling is very important in a storage process as this will help you locate the materials and items with ease. So, you need some labeling materials like permanent marker. Some prefer printed labels, while others pen. It does not matter whichever you need so long as the markings stay and that they do not get erased even after a longer time.  


Bubble Wrap – bubble is something that most people find irrelevant when they are availing of a storage unit. However, it is important to take note that a bubble wrap will really help you protect fragile and breakable belongings and prevent damages and issues. Also, some people think other materials like cloth or paper will be able to provide the same protection that the bubble wrap provides. Sorry to disappoint but this is wrong. 


Packing Tapes – there are two packing tapes you need to purchase and have. First, is the heavy-duty packing tapes that allow you to seal your boxes. It would be more convenient if you have a tape gun with you too. This will save you time and energy. Second tape is the fragile packing tape. This tape will be very helpful for you to ensure that all breakable and fragile items will be safe and protected. In this way, people who are handling your items will know that the items are fragile and will take care of them. Some people might think that this is an extra cost but this is actually cost-effective as it avoids damages and issues on your items.  


You are Now Ready to Pack for Your Self Storage! 


Those are the essential packing supplies you need to have in order for you to ensure that your items are stored safely and correctly. All of these items will also ensure that your items will be handled with care. If you do not invest on the materials you use for self packing, you will not be guaranteed careful and safe packing of your items. It is not worth the few dollars you will be saving when you have damaged items.